What is the list of possible return values for hub.sync.status?


hub.sync.status returns the member “status”

Could we get the list of possible values in order to generate actions on our side?

Hey @Francois, great question! We are working to get these types of things documented, but I can share the status strings here in the meantime. While I can’t guarantee that the full text values won’t change, here are the status strings that you can programmatically check for:

  • {sync-get-remote-changes}
  • {sync-get-local-changes}
  • {sync-remote-error}
  • {sync-local-error}
  • {sync-error}
  • {sync-disconnecting}
  • {sync-begin}
  • {sync-end}

In the list we’ve been stashing away, we’ve also seen:
is there perhaps a firmware difference or API call difference?

Yes, I didn’t share any of the specific error strings, but {registration-failure}
and {extended-network-failure} are still valid, yes.