_track.qo: which one is position time?


I’m looking at _track.qo from card.location.track. I use best_lat and best_lon from the event (assuming it is the GPS if available, and tower if not), but what is the position time? There is no best_location_when field.

– gaute

Hi @gauteh,

I just tested out a basic tracker to see which response arguments are routed, and I do see best_location_when (it’s underneath best_location_type). Do you not see this in your events?

  "event": "588f4749-d61b-4f51-9a6c-86c0191cbdef",
  "session": "e28bf74c-e43b-4630-a134-ca5538fa05b6",
  "best_id": "TEST",
  "device": "dev:864475041085845",
  "sn": "TEST",
  "product": "product:com.blues.rlauer:global_tracker",
  "received": 1663599901.584736,
  "req": "note.add",
  "when": 1663599571,
  "file": "_track_test.qo",
  "updates": 1,
  "body": {
    "motion": 2,
    "seconds": 91,
    "status": "no-sat",
    "temperature": 30.125,
    "usb": true,
    "voltage": 5.1445312
  "best_location_type": "tower",
  "best_location_when": 1663599899,
  "best_lat": 43.073787499999995,
  "best_lon": -89.44367187499999,
  "best_location": "Shorewood Hills WI",
  "best_country": "US",
  "best_timezone": "America/Chicago",
  "tower_when": 1663599899,
  "tower_lat": 43.073787499999995,
  "tower_lon": -89.44367187499999,
  "tower_country": "US",
  "tower_location": "Shorewood Hills WI",
  "tower_timezone": "America/Chicago",
  "tower_id": "310,410,17169,77315601",
  "project": {
    "id": "app:56667ef8-0573-4e6f-9df4-28aecd91902e",
    "name": "Global Tracker",
    "contacts": {}
    "event": "22de9420-a001-4a38-a6be-fdc1efc7cc85",
    "session": "1139beb3-3a9a-4717-8032-6bb4c7ab0c74",
    "best_id": "DRIFTER20",
    "device": "dev:864475044217650",
    "sn": "DRIFTER20",
    "product": "product:no.met.gauteh:sfy",
    "received": 1663600779.613395,
    "req": "note.add",
    "when": 1663600748,
    "file": "_track.qo",
    "updates": 1,
    "body": {
        "hdop": 1,
        "status": "heartbeat",
        "temperature": 17.4375,
        "time": 1663597121,
        "voltage": 4.796875
    "best_location_type": "gps",
    "best_lat": 61.351602500000006,
    "best_lon": 5.39933203125,
    "best_location": "Dale",
    "best_country": "NO",
    "best_timezone": "Europe/Oslo",
    "where_olc": "9FH7992X+JPW4",
    "where_lat": 61.351602500000006,
    "where_lon": 5.39933203125,
    "where_location": "Dale",
    "where_country": "NO",
    "where_timezone": "Europe/Oslo",
    "tower_when": 1663600777,
    "tower_lat": 61.338139,
    "tower_lon": 5.40578,
    "tower_country": "NO",
    "tower_location": "Vestland",
    "tower_timezone": "Europe/Oslo",
    "tower_id": "242,1,12711,14321"

It had firmware 1.5, upgrading to 3.4 now.

It’s now sending the field. But it’s spamming with tons of track.qo messages, and it thinks it’s on USB…

Which seems to have burned a significant amount of credits.

Hi, we are getting the same error on another notecard with version 3.4 where it starts sending large amounts of track.qo at high frequencies. These are notecards that operate without any MCU. They have been reset before being re-configured as described here: sfy/sfy-drifter at main · gauteh/sfy · GitHub

Regards, Gaute

Hi @gauteh,

Would you be able to add me (as a viewer) to your Notehub project that is showing these additional track notes? (You should have the proper email address already, but if not, just let me know). Also can I confirm that the only three requests you send are the ones listed in that github repo?


Hi Rob,

thanks, I’ve added you. If you look at 2022-09-24 22:49:05 and earlier for device: dev:864475044203262 you should see an episode. As you can see something happend with the accelerometer at the end before the device went MIA, but those errors might have been due to voltage drops in the end.

Correct, the device was reset and then those were the requests issued.

The same happened with dev:864475044217650, but those events have now been deleted from notehub (I have them on our systems though).

Regards, Gaute

Thanks! Looking into this in detail and will reply ASAP.

BTW, are you only seeing this behavior on a single device after upgrading to 3.4.1?


Thank you. We saw it on dev:864475044217650 as well, but have not seen it on other devices.