Routing data from NoteHub to Sparrow reference web app


I am trying to route some data from NoteHub to the sparrow reference web app using the tutorial on the GitHub. I have done the tutorial and I am just trying to route some events to the web app, but when I try, I am getting an error during the routing.

If you need more info, let me know.

Thank you!

Hey @sramesh6,

Welcome to the Blues community, and thanks for trying this project out!

If you have the web app running locally you should be getting a more complete error in your local environment. For me, I see stack traces in the VS Code terminal where I ran yarn dev to start up the web app.

Find one of those stack traces and it should give you a far better error that (hopefully) will point you at the issue. If you’re still stuck, feel free to post that stack trace here and we can help you figure out what’s up.



Thank you for responding to me! I looked in my error log in VSCode, and this is the error I got:

Error loading event undefined. Cause: Error: device uid is not defined

I don’t see a field for this in the template given in the file, so where do I define this?

Thank you

Hmmm… that’s odd. You shouldn’t need to define a DeviceUID, as the app should register that device the first time it receives an event from it.

Can you verify that your Postgres database is up and running, and if it is, check if you have any devices registered? You can start up the database’s studio by running the repo’s script.