Recommended battery for Notecarrier AF?

I’m using the Notecarrier AF with the Swan.

Just curious if there is a recommended battery from Amazon, or anywhere, to power the Notecarrier?

Thank you!

Hi @mcarpenter and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

Typically, when I’m working with our Notecarriers I gravitate towards the Adafruit LiPo batteries. They’re available in different capacities on Amazon and the Adafruit website.

Enjoy the Swan and let us know if you have any follow up questions!


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Watch out for the connector polarity on non Adafruit Lipo batteries. Every battery I have looked at on Amazon has reversed polarity. I suppose you could always cut the wires and reconnect them.

This is such an annoying problem to deal with, but luckily the solution is even easier than cutting/reconnecting the wires. Just use the tip of an exacto knife (or a pin) to pop out the wires from the connector, and then reinsert them. I’ve done this many times myself and it works like a charm!

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FYI, the Blues Wireless store now also offers a few battery options (flat LiPo, long life non-rechargeable, Battery holder) with the proper connections.