Qwiic notecarrier with sparkfun redboard artemis: power?


I am powering the sparkfun qwiic notecarrier through the qwiic i2c port connected to a sparkfun redboard artemis (powered by usb). I have some weird errors when performing a manual sync and waiting on sync.status. And I can see in the log at notehub.io stuff like: {"text":"restarted because insufficient battery current available for power-on (5 min safety delay completed)"}. Is this related to how I power the notecarrier, or would disconnecting the power or resetting either the artemis redboard or notecarrier also produce this event?

Regards, Gaute

Hello @gauteh!

I took a quick look over our sensor tutorial, and I noticed we don’t show how to power the device in our pictures.

When powering up, the cellular modem requires a small burst of energy, which cannot be adequately supplied via the Qwiic connector. The Notecarrier has both a USB port and JST connector (for a battery) to supply power directly to the Notecard and support this burst.

I will make a note to update the documentation to reflect this power requirement.

Give it a try, and let me know if this solves your problem.


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Ok, thanks - so if I simultaneously power both devices with two USB cables I should be good for now?

Yes, that should work great!

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