Platform IO not working with Swan

Your OOB instructions for using Platform IO with the Swan R5 board don’t work! I get an error when I try to create a project:

Resolving bw_swan_r5 dependencies…\r\n\n\nError: Unknown board ID ‘bw_swan_r5’"

Hi @jlandgrave62 and welcome to the Blues Wireless community!

Can you please check your project to make sure the bw_swan_r5 directory exists under the .pio directory? I’m wondering if something just didn’t get installed correctly when PIO performed all of its dependency installations.

Worst case scenario, I’d recommend uninstalling the PlatformIO extension and re-installing it.


Will do!

I have been voraciously consuming your youtube videos and am more impressed by your approach with each one!

Keep 'em coming!!!



The directory is there. But I still get “unknown board.”

Are you on Windows by any chance? It looks like PlatformIO has problems with projects that are NOT on the c drive. Might this be the issue?


I am on Windows but everything is on the C drive.

This is difficult to debug on my end as it works for me, but others have reported this as a bug on PlatformIO. Take a look at this current GitHub issue that focuses on the same problem: Error: Unknown board ID - due to wrong absolute path used instead of relative path in case of subst-ed Windows drive · Issue #4155 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

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Not sure its related but after I updated the firmware on the notecard both devices synced on the first attempt!