Notehub route to AWS SQS no longer working

For many months my routes to AWS SQS worked just fine. Starting sometimes earlier this month, we are getting the error in the Notehub log for the routes:
error building route request: error signing AWS HTTP request: EmptyStaticCreds: static credentials are empty
We haven’t made changes on our end to AWS around that time. All fingers point at AWS and we are trying to find out in that rat’s nest, but in the meanwhile is there any possibility something could have changed at Notehub? Anyone else experiencing a similar issue with a route to AWS SQS recently?

Thank you for reporting this. We believe this is due to a regression that prevents unauthenticated AWS SQS routes from working correctly. We are working on a fix that we plan to deploy no later than Monday. I’ll update this thread once the fix is deployed.

In the meantime, you can workaround this issue by adding credentials to this route.

We’ve deployed a hotfix for this issue. If the problem was due to the issue I described above, you should find that the route is working now.
Please let us know.

Hello Jim,
Thank you, our vitals and system checks are starting to trickle back in.