Notecarrier F and Rx, Tx lines


I am a little confused with the F_TX and F_RX pins on the Notecarrier F. The Datasheet seems to indicate that these pins are not dedicated and that there is a dip switch to control this. I dont see any reference to this nor do I see the dip switch ?

On the Notecarrier-AF I am using the RX and TX pins for my application without any issues. Can I expect the same behaviour with F_RX and F_TX ?


Hi @ssozonoff ,

The DIP switch related to the RX/TX pins is the switch labelled DFU (near the Notecard socket). It comes from the factory in the ON position. However, if you move the switch into the OFF position, then your application will have access the RX/TX pins.


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Got it! Thanks now it’s clear.

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