Newbie questions on NOTE-NBNA-500 communication UART

Hello all…
I have created a carrier board for NOTE-NBNA-500. This carrier has STM32L476RG processor. I would like to know:

  1. If I download the C Library from Github (link) and include is this all I will need?
  2. Forgive me bcz I am a HW person and FW is secondary but there are a lot of h and c files. Is there a specific command within the library that can be called that will create a JSON format and then send over UART to the cell card? Or is in not that simple?? My hope is to transmit 6 pieces of 12 bit A/D data to the cloud…my first issue is I need functions to create JSON formatted data for the cell card as it seems that is what it wants to send…Any help would be appreciated.