Low power sample code for Silicon Labs Thunderboard Sense 2


Thunderboard Sense 2 is a very nice board with a load of sensors for only 20 Euros IoT Development Kit - Thunderboad Sense 2 - SLTB004A - Silicon Labs. It al supports Edge Impulse AI models.
However Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio is a bit different from the IDEs I commonly use. Could you post a sample code to interface this boards sensor readings with the Notecard?



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Hey @iarakis, sure, we can do that! I will grab a couple of the boards, take them for a spin and get a sample written up. Please give us a couple of weeks, since we need to wait for the hardware to arrive.


Thanks! I think it is difficult to find a low power board with all these sensor for just 20 Euros. So, a good fit for the Notercard.


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Hi! Did you make any advance connecting the Notecard with Thunderboard?


Hey @iarakis we haven’t forgotten about this, it’s just taking more time than anticipated because the docs for SiLabs Simplicity Studio are… sparse, as I am sure you know. :smiley: I’m hoping to dedicate some time to this tomorrow or over the weekend and get you something next week.

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Hey @iarakis I’ve not forgotten about this, but I am still working on it between other projects. I think I have a better sense of the layout and structure of simplicity studio, but need to dedicate some more time to understanding how to read from the onboard temp/hu sensor and how to wire-up the Notecard over UART. I’ll work on this further when I can, and thanks for your patience.

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Hi, just for reference. My aim is to use a Notecard an the Thunderboard Sense 2 for an escalator vibration anomally detection demo. http://www.ermuaiot.com/

I am planning to use Edge Impulse to build a suitable model. Advises are wellcome.



Ooh, nice looking board @iarakis, can’t wait to see it in action!