How to send inbound notes via notehub API

@bsatrom @RobLauer @gwolff @pavan Dumb question…how do I send an inbound note to a specific notecard using the notehub API? I have used the Notehub’s Add Note to Device feature. So now I need to make it work for the real world application: to send a command (requested from the end user’s mobile app) to the notehub and on to the notecard that the mcu host will then execute. Without this (or, even better, having the notehub directly command the notecard without the need of the mcu…which may be supported at some point?), my project is seriously handicapped.

Hi @PostThis,

This capability doesn’t exist with the current options available in the Notehub API, but I’ve added it as a feature request for the engineering team to look at!

In the meantime, while you probably already have thought of a workaround, the way I would approach this is to send the DeviceUID as part of the inbound note and then have the MCU only process those inbound notes relevant to that particular device.


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Thanks @RobLauer I do not yet have a workaround…but you’re giving me ideas. Also, your reply seems to imply that there is still a way to send an inboud note without doing it manually in notehub. lf yes, please enlighten me.

Sure! The note.add API in a curl request allows you to add an inbound note, like so:

curl -L '' -d \
        '{"req":"note.add","file":"sensors.qi", "body": {"temp": 72.22 }}'

And actually as I read this code, we do require a deviceUID to be sent, which probably solves the first issue you asked about :slight_smile:


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Perfect. That’s what I was missing. Thank you, sir.