Detecting no (external) GPS data vs no movement

When the notecard is configured to use External GPS, how to distinguish between NO incoming (serial) NMEA data vs no Notecard movement (as detected by the accelerometer). It appears that the same status string (“status”: “GPS inactive {gps-inactive} {gps}”, is shown for both conditions.

regards, Rich …

Hi @richf,

I would use the card.motion API to monitor movement of the Notecard itself.


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your suggestion … I added “card.motion” to my monitoring & observed the “count” field bumped with every Notecard “jiggle” as indicated.

Our configuration feeds serial GPS (NMEA) data (now from a PC simulator) into the AUX RX/TX Notecard lines … with the AUX_EN set HI … the appropriate setup commands are issued. The “location” command tracks the incoming GPS data as expected … I have a few more questions .

  1. Is the GPS Periodic mode irrelevant when using external GPS fed data?
  2. If the GPS simulator is disabled (no incoming NMEA data into AUX_RX), I found that the card.motion will still track Notecard “movement” … but there appears to be no indication of the device “failure” timeout? We’d like to feed back to the ‘end-user’ this error condition … vs just reporting the “same” lat/lon position. In fact, the Notecard could move (with “card.motion” bumping “count”) … yet the L/L would not change which could be somewhat misleading.

regards, Rich …