C# Host for Notecard

In case your interested in using Visual Studio and C# as a host for Notecard. I have published an I2c driver that works great with the Notecarrier-AF and GHI Electronics FEZ Feather.


As the resident .NET geek of Blues Wireless, I think this is awesome :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely be looking more closely at this in the near future. Curious to know the pros/cons of TinyCLR vs nanoFramework if you know of any.


Both products were born from the original .NET Micro Framework. TinyCLR is a commercial solution that is highly optimized for a couple specific chipsets. Most of the libraries are open source. However, the firmware interpreter running on the chip is not. In my opinion this is a great option for commercial projects and has good forum support. If your building your own hardware, they have some system on modules (SoM) that take the complexity out of creating your own boards but at a cost.

NanoFramework on the other hand is 100% open source and has been ported to many chipsets by both the nanoFramwork team and the community. It is also part of the .NET foundation so I guess you could say they have Microsoft’s backing. The nanoFramwork community is more active and working on a few features like generics that TinyCLR doesn’t have. NanoFramwork and TinyCLR both have a few unique features but generally speaking they have the same core features like GPIO, I2C, SPI and UART. I think both solution are great, but in my option GHI has better hardware options.

This driver can be easily ported over to the nanoFramwork. If there is enough interest in having a nanoFramework version. It’s something I can take a look at.

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I just ordered a board from TinyCLR to test this out. Looking forward to trying the Notecard with it!

Excellent! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any issues getting started.

I finished up putting together a prototype board. It’s using the low power chipset and works great so far! Now the fun begins. :slight_smile: