Airnote extrenal SIM not working

I am trying to set up an Airnote to be used in Korea and needs to be setup for I followed the instructions in the documentations, but the SIM seems not to be able to connect.

Furthermore, I have a log file, but it seems that I can not attach the .log file to this message.


Hi Rob - Can you DM me the log file (or send it to me via email, I think you have it already).



Getting somewhere. I had made a not correct cut of the micro to nano SIM. Now the SIM is correctly detected. But connecting with the {“req”:“card.wireless”,“apn”:“”} does not connect me.

I checked to documentation, but I could not find any details of the {“req”:“card.wireless”,“apn”:“xxxxxx”} command. I think I need to be able to add a user/password to the JSON string to get the modem to the apn connected.

From the soracom website about SIM setup:

  • If using a non-iOS device : Set the following access point (APN) settings.
    • APN :
    • User name: sora
    • Password : sora